Linkage Disequilibrium Analysis
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10.7 years ago
mary ▴ 210

Dear freinds

I want to do LD analysis on my data (Illumina BovinSNP50 BeadChip) by plink

I have two problem :

1- the pedigree of my data are very crowded and I don't know if I put zero for parental and maternal column in ped file, i can trust to my result or not. because, as you know in livestock population we have a many relationship and it affected the LD extent and pattern

2-in Ped file, what can I put in phenotype column? I know if I put zero I can use --no-pheno in plink. but i have EBV for many traits such as, EBV for milk production, protein percentage and ....

Is there any one who can help me?

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10.7 years ago ★ 1.3k


1- I remember that once I had to hack a few lines in the assoc.cpp file of PLINK, so I had a look in the code (Plink::correlation2SNP() funtions, called from Plink::calcLDStatistics()) and found the following lines to keep only founders in the analysis:

// Iterate over every individual but only consider founders
  ...   {
  // Allow for 1 or both SNPs to be non-autosomal
  for (int i=0; i < n; i++) {
    Individual * person = sample[i];
    // Only consider founders
    if ( ! person->founder ) continue;

-> yes, I suppose that parental and maternal informations really matter !

2- on the contrary i suppose you do not have to care about the pheotype column in the LD analysis, just put zero for every sample. The --no-pheno option is needed only if you skip the column.


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