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Old school biologist. After realizing that I did not do well in rubber boots, I spent a lot of time in the lab and by the confocal doing live cell imaging, but I always lived for the subsequent data analysis.

When I graduated data were sparse and each data point required an effort. With the data-abundance now, the challenge is to focus on the relevant questions and make the investigation and comprehension of the data as intuitive and effortless as possible.

Since I joined BRIC, I have been analyzing the group’s ChIP-seq (and other seq data). I have always been puzzled why seq data requires biologists to write and understand scripting, when other complex data such as high dimensional microscopy, flow cytometry, and high content screening do not.

I kept waiting for someone to make a more intuitive, interactive and visual solution for this, and eventually made my own. The result is called EaSeq and was published recently – you can take a look here: , here: and here:

I’d of course claim that EaSeq will enable a larger group of people to investigate and make use of ChIP-seq data, and even that seasoned people can speed up some processes too, but I trust your judgement more than mine on this :-)

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