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A PhD in Systems Biology from Aalborg University, Denmark., Prashanth N Suravajhala went on to gain more than 7 years of postdoctoral experience across four different laboratories. Prash worked for Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur on his return to India where he successfully led three projects in the areas of systems genomics of rare diseases and next generation sequencing analysis of cancers and diabetes. He has interests exploring the known unknown regions in the human genome, primarily working on the top-down systems biology approaches of hypothetical proteins. Over the last eight years, he has developed an interest in long noncoding RNAs in humans, elucidating the mechanisms underpinning small molecular interactions through clinical exomes. His group has benchmarked pipelines and developed methods for systems genomic integration. He is an Associate Editor of Frontiers in Genetics/Systems Biology, Bio-Protocol, Biomolecules. BMC Medical Genomics. He strongly advocates open access and open science. His group page can be reached at ‚Äč

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