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I am an associate bioinformatics scientist at GeneGoCell, a San Diego-based biotech company that provides fully customizable next-gen sequencing (NGS) workflows for clients around the world. I love what I do and it is truly a joy to work in this cutting-edge industry!

In my role, I develop and maintain computational pipelines for our Genome-Editing Verification (GEV) services, which include on-and-off-target verification, translocation identification, integration identification, RNA-Seq analyses, and more. This primarily involves creating and automating novel algorithms for custom workflows, validating results, and optimizing existing bioinformatics methods. In everything, I work closely with our team to ensure the delivery of high-quality results in a short timeframe.

Outside of work, you'll usually find me hiking, trying out a new board game, catching up on the latest sci-fi, or enjoying an amazing local craft beer with my wife. I'm passionate about learning and love finding ways to be more productive by streamlining my digital life. I also love nature and travel and am gradually visiting all the National Parks in the US.

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