Problems with repetitive loading of tracks
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7.8 years ago

Hi, I have a question about handling with the IGB. When I load in a region from two or three samples I receive one track/sample which looks nice. However, when I search for another region, and press the "Load Data" button, another track is loaded for the same files. This means, after a few searches, my tracks are small and crowded... Is there an option to stay on the same track, even if I change the genomic region?

Thank you for you help! Best, L

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5 months ago

I do not really understand your question.

Why you "load" the region? You just load your tracks and then navigate the regions of your interest just by using the navigator by indicating a specific region or a gene name.

if instead you are talking about regions tracks (such as .bed files), it is sufficient to create a unique plain-format .txt file that you call my_file.bed and which looks like:

chr1     15          200       regionName
chr5     75000       80000     regionName
chr2     3200        6000      regionName

The columns correspond to chromosome, start, end, and (optional) name of a specific region. The values must be separated by a tab. For more info see this page.


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