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6.1 years ago
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Hi everyone,

My question is pretty much the topic, would there be any ways that i can read the html , text or xml results back to R so that i can use the bioconductor packages to do further analyses on them? Because the text file is not in any form of table format and i think it would be very computational demanding to extract the information i need from the text file. Would there be any packages in R which specifically targets to do this? I ve come across a package called 'MEET' and there is a function call readMEME and i gave it a try and it did not seem to do what i want as it just return a bunch of Trues or False .

The exact information i want is the position of the detected motif within the sequences, i have used PWMenrich in the bioconductor but it seems that it cannot do the job. many thanks

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