DAVID Web Services, Perl Client troubleshooting
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7.6 years ago
adam.faranda ▴ 110

DAVID provides a web service for automating enrichment analysis. In connection they've made available a set of example clients. I'm having some difficulty getting one of the perl clients to work, and was hoping that someone on BioStars was familiar with this tool.

When I try and run the tableReport.pl example client, I get an unexpected error:

User authentication: true

1.0 of list was mapped

Total table records: 69
Not an ARRAY reference at tableReport.pl line 64

Usually it hangs at line 64, but sometimes it hangs at 50 or 117

Line 50:    my @values = values %{$tableRecordvalues[3]};
. . .
Line 64:    my @annotation = @{$tableRecordvalues[1]};
. . .
Line 117:   my @annotation = @{$tableRecordvalues[1]};

It appears that the above are invalid array references. I've tried looking for clues in a dump of the $tableReport data structure, but being a perl newbie I couldn't make any meaningful headway.

I've already checked for the error in "Lite.pm" as indicated in the README. Can anyone point me to the next step in troubleshooting?

OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (64 bit), Perl Version 5.22.1, SOAP::Lite Version 1.20

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