Is there a (possibly python) library to plot motifs on protein linear structure schematic view?
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4.5 years ago
eugeniolcv • 0

Hello everyone, I am looking for a library to programmatically create motif schematic representation on schematic linear protein graph. I am trying to represent c-type heme binding motifs as a small box over the length of multi heme c-type cytochrome proteins schematic representation ( like a histogram proportional to the protein length). Something like this.

I'm aware of this but it gives me an error and doens't plot (i reported the issue on github but for now no response), I also know matplotlib but it doesn't have this kind of graph ready made. I have some knowledge of python but not of matplotlib and i don't know where to start from.

I also asked the author of the paper I linked above but he used photoshop and illustrator to produce this image so for me is a no go 'cause I don't have those programs.

Can someone suggest some library to produce similar results as in the figure linked above?

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he used photoshop and illustrator to produce this image

If it helps, the open source equivalent of these programs are gimp and inkscape, respectively. They are not that easy to use, but if you prepare a draft plot in R or Python than you could use those for the final touches.


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