PET sequencing data analysis
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5.1 years ago

Hi all,

I got a sequence data of PET to analysis. Read1 and Read2 have been already separated and put in two fastq file.

First I want to trim out the possible contaminated reads by Tagdust or Scythe.

I went to ask for the adapter sequences. I was told that they are N701 & N517, which is prepared with Illumina Nextera® Sample Preparation Kits. Then I search for the sequence and there is a table from Illumina:

i7 bases in adapter     i7 index name          i7 bases for entry on sample sheet
TCGCCTTA                N701                   TAAGGCGA
CTAGTACG                N702                   CGTACTAG
TTCTGCCT                N703                   AGGCAGAA

Can anyone tell the difference of "i7 in adapter" and "i7 for entry on sample sheet"? Which one should I used for Tagdust? And the sequence of i7 should be the "barcode" parameter in Tagdust?

Here is about tagdust: enter image description here

Thanks a lot for your help!

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