How to use SPARQL to query OBO on Protege
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5.6 years ago
pacman ▴ 70

Hello, I have downloaded an ontology for chemical structure in OBO format ( Classyfire) , but I found it difficult to extract information on Protege by using SPARQL and SNAP-SPARQL. Some Annotations property has rdf and owl classes (e.g rdf:type owl:class), but most of them don't have one. I just need to extract the id of the class if they belong to certain subclass/superclass, but I am not able to come up with a query to can do that- I don't know how to define the id instance.
For Example:
'Organic compounds'

  • 'Organic compounds' id "CHEMONTID..."^^xsd:string
  • 'Organic compounds' has_obo_namespace "chemont"^^xsd:string
  • 'Organic compounds' rdfs:label "Organic compounds"^^xsd:string
  • Class:'Organic compounds'

I am new to web ontology and SPARQL so I would appreciate any help I can get.

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