Question: Cannot get getBM to merge with original data to produce NA values
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kiskamongoose10 wrote:

Hello All,

I have the following code that aims to use getBM through BiomaRt to extract gene names based on refseq_mrna ids. I am able to get a list of 3877 values. The original data is 3883. I understand this is because ensembl will not give back NA values. Consequently, I used the merge function (in a variety of formats) to see if I could combine the original data and the extracted data to provide NA values. Unfortunately, the best I can do is get 3895 values, more than even the original data. Please enlighten me to any wisdom you may have on this topic!


 # call biomaRt library
HumanEnsembl = useMart("ensembl", dataset="hsapiens_gene_ensembl")

# Setup Parameters for Query
ID_QueryAttributes = c("refseq_mrna", "external_gene_name")
ID_QueryFilters = "refseq_mrna"


# Load Transcript Ids from csv file. Data Frame, 120k rows, 1 column Gene.ID)
m6AmIds = read.csv("/Users/sierraniemiec/statdata/m6AmGeneList.txt", stringsAsFactors = FALSE, header = FALSE)
colnames(m6AmIds) = "refseq_mrna"
m6AmIdsList = m6AmIds[[1]]

# Split GeneID_Query1 into chunks on 500
ID_queryChunks = split(m6AmIdsList, ceiling(seq_along(m6AmIdsList)/10.0))

#Loop through each chunk and run it on GetBM
ID_query_resultChunks = c()
numberOfChunks = length(ID_queryChunks)

i = 0
for (chunk in ID_queryChunks){

  if (i == 0){
    combinedResult = getBM(attributes=ID_QueryAttributes, filters = ID_QueryFilters, values = chunk, HumanEnsembl)

  if (i %% 10 == 0){

  chunkResult = getBM(attributes=ID_QueryAttributes, filters = ID_QueryFilters, values = chunk, HumanEnsembl)

  combinedResult = rbind(combinedResult, chunkResult)

  i = i + 1

datframe =
idmap = = datframe, y = combinedResult, by ="refseq_mrna")

For a sample of the data, I would use:

data = c("NM_000019", "NM_000026", "NM_000030", "NM_000033", "NM_000034", "NM_000046", "NM_000067", "NM_000071", "NM_000075", "NM_000097", "NM_000098", "NM_000100", "NM_000101", "NM_000117", "NM_000122", "NM_000146", "NM_000158", "NM_000169", "NM_000175", "NM_001001561")
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Mike Smith1.5k
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Mike Smith1.5k wrote:

Hi Sierra,

Thanks for the nicely formatted code example, it makes it really clear what you're trying to do. For this type of operation I find the various *_join() functions in the dplyr package to be really useful. First off I'll set up the biomaRt query just like you do:

HumanEnsembl = useMart("ensembl", dataset="hsapiens_gene_ensembl")

ID_QueryAttributes = c("refseq_mrna", "external_gene_name")
ID_QueryFilters = "refseq_mrna"

Next I'll use only 3 query IDs for this demonstration, based on the ones you provide above. The first 2 should be found, and the final one is not. We then run the query.

m6AmIds = data.frame(refseq_mrna = c("NM_000019", "NM_000026", "NM_001001561"))

combinedResult = getBM(attributes = ID_QueryAttributes, 
                       filters = ID_QueryFilters, 
                       values = m6AmIds[, 'refseq_mrna'], 

To merge this result with the ID data.frame we can use the left_join() function. This will keep all the entries in the first argument and match them with rows in the second argument. If a matching row isn't found the row is kept and is paired with NA - which is what I think you're aiming for:

idmap = left_join(x = m6AmIds, y = combinedResult, by = "refseq_mrna")

This is the result I get:

> idmap
refseq_mrna    external_gene_name
1    NM_000019              ACAT1
2    NM_000026               ADSL
3 NM_001001561               <NA>
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