Subgrouping SIngle Cell in RNA-Seq Data Analysis
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3.2 years ago
John ▴ 220

Hello dear one,

I have a single cell RNA seq data of 100 cells which express -marker A. I want to subgroup them in to 5 cell types (subgroup 1, subgroup 2, subgroup 3,subgroup 4,subgroup 5), and five cell types expresses the same marker, i.e) marker A.

If subgrouping done with the help of top 400 variable genes, It results in 4 subgroups which has the mixed gene patterns (ex: subgroup 1 has the gene set of cell type of 1 and 2, subgroup 2 has the gene set of )

so what is the best way to subgroup them to 5 cell types! ( I can get set of markers for all the 5 cell types from Gene ontology website)

thanks in advance!

p.s. I am new to this field, so please help me!

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