InParanoid: score and cut off for indentify orthologs
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4.3 years ago
Izal ▴ 10

Hi everyone,

I am using InParanoid software for identify orthologs genes between strains of one specie. So, I expect to find very similar genes shared into both genomes.

In a typical reciprocal blast, I set the cut off with and E-Value of 1e-7 and a %identity (pident) of 85%. However, InParanoid has more parameters to fit the similarity.

If I need an e-value of 1e-7 and a %identity of 85%, what are the values for the configuration variables of InParanoid?

The default settings are:

score_cutoff = 40; # In bits. Any match below this is ignored #

outgroup_cutoff = 50; # In bits. Outgroup sequence hit must be this many bits stronger to reject best-best hit between A and B

conf_cutoff = 0.05; # Include in-paralogs with this confidence or better #

group_overlap_cutoff = 0.5; # Merge groups if ortholog in one group has more than this confidence in other group

my $seq_overlap_cutoff = 0.5; # Match area should cover at least this much of longer sequence. Match area is defined as area from start of first segment to end of last segment, i.e segments 1-10 and 90-100 gives a match length of 100.

my $segment_coverage_cutoff = 0.25; # Actually matching segments must cover this much of longer sequence.

I put the $score_cutoff = 85 instead 40, but when I obtain the pair genes, the list shows scores since 4500 to 85. I don't undestand this...

OrtoID Score OrtoA OrtoB

1 4580 genA 1.000 genB 1.000

...... (more rows...)

4359 85 genX 1.000 genY 1.000

I will appreciate any help!!!

Thankd in advance.

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