Availability of Broad Institute BRD perturbagen identifier mappings?
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3.8 years ago
sam237337 ▴ 70

I have a dataset that includes identifiers from the Broad Institute of the format BRD-{9-valued alphanumeric string}, where each ID specifies a perturbagen. I'm trying to locate a master list of the definitions/names of these BRD IDs, specifying how they map to other platforms such as PubChem and ChEMBL. It would also be ideal to have a prose name for each BRD ID.

I've searched the Broad Institute's site for this info, but have not located what I need. Searching for individual BRD IDs on their appropriate page returns no results. So far, I haven't received a response to my inquiry to that institution regarding whether such a list of BRD ID mappings exists. I have a file from the LINCS project that contains many of these mappings, but I'm looking to fill in the gaps in that data with a more comprehensive list, if it exists.

Does anyone know whether such a mapping file/site for these BRD IDs exists? Thanks in advance for your input.

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Update: This solution doesn't directly address the question I originally posed, but I did find that the LINCS Small Molecules Catalog site contains the mappings between LINCS LSM ID values (which are also included in my dataset) and drug names, so that I ultimately didn't need the mappings for the BRD IDs.


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