Benchmarking datasets for Haplotype phasing
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4.1 years ago
kirannbishwa01 ★ 1.5k

I have been trying to run a benchmark test on one the haplotype phasing application. I tried to navigate around to find tutorials for it and found this to be a good one:

I like this tutorial because it is simple and straight forward. The haplotype database I am trying to use is from CEU (NA12891) which is considered a gold standard. I am able to find the NA12891 database in but still can't narrow down the same exact database.

These are the data I am looking for :

  • hapmap3_r2_b36_chr20.haps (HAPS file)
  • all.sample (SAMPLE file)
  • hapmap3_r2_b36_chr20.legend (LEGEND file)
  • genetic_map_chr20_combined_b36.txt (Genetic map file)
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