Help with species level ID (L 7) in qiime
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3.0 years ago
lkw222 ▴ 30

Looking for some recommendations. A former coworker left me with a table resulting from, I believe, the summarize taxa workflow in qiime.

The table I have has the following columns - sample ID, time ID, treatment ID, number with no blast hits, k__Archaea;p__Crenarchaeota, k__Archaea;p__Euryarchaeota, k__Archaea;p__[Parvarchaeota], k__Bacteria;p__, k__Bacteria;p__AC1, k__Bacteria;p__AD3, ...., etc.

I'm a geneticist but not familiar with metagenomic data. This table is the only data I was left. Can I use it and a script in qiime to plot the results and find significant differences?

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