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2.6 years ago
anokhi1997 • 0

Hello! So I have been working on RNA- seq data from different developmental time periods and I learnt about ctsGE being a good way to look at this data. While trying to work on it, however, I keep getting the same error while inputting the matrix no matter how I change my data or my code.

data_dir <- ("/MY/DIRECTORY/")

files <- dir(path=data_dir, pattern = "\.csv")

rts <- readTSGE(files, path = data_dir, labels = c("Day6","Day8","Day9") )

Error: Error in [.data.frame(d[[i]], , columns[2]) : undefined columns selected

The files themselves have two columns: GeneIDs and Day6/8/9. Any help would be great! :)

Thank you!

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