History of the mouse genome
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I am trying to understand the origin of the mouse genome because I just started working in this species and I want to have a good overview before going any further.

I know that the original draft was the MGSCv3 published in 2002. Then came the so-called built36 in 2009, the MGSCv37 in 2010 and finally, the GRCm38 in 2012, which has been improving up to its latest release in 2017 (GRCm38.p6).

As you can see, I was able to find the corresponding publications for MGSCv3 and for built36, but I have not succeded in finding the publications for MGSCv37 and GRCm38, which are the subsequent milestones (mm9 and mm10, respectively).

According to GRC, the MGSCv37 was the last release by the MGSC and then GRCm38 was a major update.

It seems to me that since built36 was improved upon and led to these two major releases (MGSCv37 and GRCm38), there was no need to report them as papers.

Would you care to coroborate that my conclusion is correct and redirect me to any key publications I am missing?

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