Error, 'Matches sp1/sp2 have been computed\ for different version
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3.8 years ago


I'm working with Omastandalone v. 2.3.0

I'm doing the all vs all comparisons with 25 species, they are almost done, however I got the next error recurrently, first just with one specie (then I deleted all the comparisons with that specie and they compute again right), but now they keep stopping in the last step with another species.

They are taking more time that was expected, and I can't figure it out how to solve this error.

Error, 'Matches between Echinops_telfairi/Balaena_mysticetus have been computed\
 for different version of Echinops_telfairi'
/home/nis/daniela/OMA/bin/oma: line 196: kill: (24018) - No such process

Summary of OMA standalone All-vs-All computations:
Nr chunks started: 25 (0.02%)
Nr chunks finished: 132348 (99.92%)
Nr chunks finished w/o exported genomes: 132348 (99.92%)

I used Omastandalone before with another set of data and this error never came before.

I hope you could help me with this problem.


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3.8 years ago


the error is raised if the file in Cache/DB/Echinops_telfairi.db has been changed since it has been created (right in the beginning from the the fasta file). differences are based on computing a hash value from the file, so any modification of the file (for example changing an protein ID, etc) will cause this error to happen.

It's a bit strange that this happens so late when you are almost done with the All-vs-all computations. To me this really indicates that you somehow changed the file. If it is indeed a change on the file but not on any sequence, you can remove in the Cache/AllAll/Echinops_telfairi/* files the calles to AssertDatabaseVersionsInSync.

Best wishes Adrian


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