Converting Genotype Data to Structure Input Format
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22 months ago
thomm80 • 0

Hi, I have a text file with SNP data that I'd like to convert to an input file for Structure. Currently, my rows consist of individuals, and each column is a called diploid genotype at a particular locus:

   V1   TT  GG  GG  GG  GG  TT  CC  CC

Above, V1 is individual one with the first 8 loci in the dataset. To convert to a structure format, I'd like to duplicate each row, with the first row for each individual containing the first allele, and the second row containing the second allele (I'll then change the base calls to a numeric format, but I don't need assistance with that). I'd like to do this in Text Wrangler, if possible. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!

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