PSI-BLAST core dumped
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4.4 years ago

Hi every one, I'm a newbie at blast and faced some problems I hoped you guys could help me. I appreciate any help. I'm using psi-blast on a ubuntu 16. I use blast like this:

../ncbi-blast-2.9.0+/bin/psiblast -query /home/salsabili/P02294.seq -db nr -out ${P02294}.out -num_iterations 3 -out_ascii_pssm ${P02294}.pssm -inclusion_ethresh 0.001

I get this error:

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I check the resources as i run my code. I will explain exactly what I see... At the start it take about 80% of a single core and add things to memory till about 9600Mb out of 32Gb it works like 2 min and then suddenly cpu usage drops to 2% and add thing to memory till 11Gb and then stop and show the error. Any one has any thoughts whats wrong? Thank you guys in advance

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