Using joiningdata/lollipops to make lollipop chart
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4.3 years ago
j.lunger18 ▴ 30

I'm having trouble downloading and using pbnjay's lollipop

I went and downloaded the mac version and opened up "lollipops" in the command line. I closed the terminal and then opened it again, and tried:

lollipops TP53 R273C R175H T125 R248Q

but go the following error:

-sh: lollipops: command not found

I also tried downloading go:

go get -u

And it was again unable to find the command.

Pretty new to using the command line to download packages, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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This is most likely because you have not added the software/tool to your PATH file. Everytime you enter a command, your shell looks up a file that tells it where to look (called the PATH file) to find the program to run. It's kinda like extensions on windows and mac, the .doc tells the operating system to use microsoft word to open the document (as an example).

The simpliest solution is to locate where the software was downloaded and to explicitly reference the location. eg: /home/software/bin/lollipops TP53 R273C R175H T125 R248Q

I would recommend a software manage like bioconda to handle installation/path directories for you.

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Thank you, this was really helpful. Julia


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