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4.1 years ago

I am using MethylKit package for WGBS data. I have ran till before annotation successfully. Now in the annotation step I am getting this error

library(genomation) annotate.WithGenicParts(myDiff25p, gene.obj) Error in annotate.WithGenicParts(myDiff25p, gene.obj) : unused arguments (myDiff25p, gene.obj)

I ran empty argument to figure out things and changed it, but till I got that below mentioned error? any clue, how to solve it?

annotate.WithGenicParts() Use functions in genomation package from Bioconductor Warning message: 'annotate.WithGenicParts' is deprecated. Use 'genomation::annotateWithGeneParts' instead. See help("Deprecated")

annotateWithGeneParts(myDiff25p, gene.obj) Error in (function (classes, fdef, mtable) : unable to find an inherited method for function ‘annotateWithGeneParts’ for signature ‘"methylDiff", "CompressedGRangesList"’

Thanks Shrinka

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