Graph 1 gene against a group of gene
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2.3 years ago


I'm trying to graph a figure with Y-axis (gene 1) and X-axis (multiples genes for a cell phenotype). I also want to get statistics for the result. Ideally, I want to graph gene 1 (Y-axis) and phenotype 1 and Phenotype 2 on the X-axis.

I'm using R studio, but I'm a beginner (learning with Codecademy). I tried to use CIBERSORT, but I haven't been able to get an activation code. If you know how to get around that let me know.

If you know a user-friendly web application for data visualization and analysis to explore expression datasets like GlioVis or CIBERSORT, please let me know. I used GlioVis but it doesn't let you do what I'm looking for.

I'm also trying to do Kaplan-Meier estimator survival analysis for gene X and group-specific patients for analysis. GlioVis has a nice app for it but does not allow you exclude certain phenotypes.

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Hello! Hope you're doing well.

Have you tried using something like GSVA? That is able to give you an enrichment score per-sample for a given geneset or multitude of genesets


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