Issue rendering 3D networks in Cytoscape
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9 months ago

Hello. I'm relatively new to cytoscape and have encountered an issue rendering my networking 3D. I've got a network with 61 nodes and 136 edges. If I render it using the CY3D app, as long as I don't display the labels, it zooms, rotates, and pans perfectly, but when I click the button to render the labels on the nodes. Zooming and panning become choppy and eventually it freezes. Usually this is resolved by turning off the labels, but sometimes the program crashes. Looking at task manager, it looks like it's not overwhelming my graphics card. I also can render an example network in 3D with labels based on the Galfiltered example data. It's a larger network, and it doesn't exhibit the same issue . I'm attaching a link to a folder containing both networks. Any help resolving this software issue would be greatly appreciated. Dropbox link to both networks

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8 months ago

Hello. Wanted to post back saying this issue has been resolved. The new version of CY3D will be released soon. I posted an issue on github and was directed to this release candidate. If anybody else needs the fix in the meantime, you can download the file from the link, then either use the install from file option, in the software, or drop it in the folder directly. Hope this is helpful


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