Blast2GO gene ontology terms from a gene list
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2.0 years ago
evafinegan • 0

Hi All,

I have a list of gene IDs and I want to get Gene Ontology terms using Blast2GO. I have gene ID text file, genome fasta file and gene annotation gff file. I have downloaded Omics Box and using the desktop version. After loading the gene list text file and genome fasta, I tried performing BLAST analysis. But most of the analysis options are on available to click as it is complaining of my input file format. I have a text file with gene list that I am using. I am wondering if I am missing anything to start. I am looking for a step to step tutorial for getting GO terms from gene IDs. Thank you for the help.

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2.0 years ago
robertbio • 0


Within OmicsBox you can retrieve the GO information for a list of ids from NCBI or from BioMart. Check out the File > Load > Annotations menu.

Use the "Load Sequence Data/ Annotations" option to get the information from NCBI,
or the "Load Annotations from BioMart" if you know the Mart database where the ids are and the type of IDs that you have.

There is a small use case on the biobam's blog website:

I hope this helps.

Best, R.


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