What Does This Error From Cvtree Mean?
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10.9 years ago
bob-lowlow ▴ 40

CVTree get files' type by file(linux command), Check your file type please. Make sure your file can be recognised as 'ASCII' or 'text' by file(linux command))

I've been getting this when I upload certain files. The weird thing is I uploaded the same files several days ago and was able to make a tree without difficulty, now however certain ones give that error, and it won't let me create a tree, and it's incredible frustrating. Can anyone help??

phylogenetics • 1.7k views
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Well, it says "check your file type", so you should do that, and make sure they're in fact plain text files. What do you get when you run file YOUR_FILENAME in the terminal? What does it look like if you try to open the input file in a very basic text editor (less or gedit or Notepad or something)? What operating system are you on?


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