Question: The pruned in file by bcftools gives error "Wrong VCF header" while calculating kinship matrix using Rvtests
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AVA10 wrote:

I want to calculate kinship matrix for autosomes in order to run a LMM. For this purpose, I first pruned each autosome using bcftools (version 1.11) and excluded the snps that had r2 greater than 0.15 by utilizing the command:

/bcftools +prune -m 0.15 -w 1000 input.vcf -Ob -o output.vcf

When I use the file output.vcf for calculating the kinship matrix using Rvtests utilizing the command:

/vcf2kinship --inVcf output.vcf --bn --out kinship_output

I get an error: 'Wrong VCF header'

However, if I use the above command with input.vcf (i.e., the original file without pruning from the first command), the same command runs with the Rvtest and I get a kinship matrix. I assume while pruning, I am ouputting the vcf file in a wrong format. I have tried reading the bcftools tutorial but I have no clue where I am going wrong.

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Can you post the .vcf header for output.vcf

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When I open the file,I get a warning: may be a binary file. See it anyway?

When I use an extension vcf.gz in the output file while pruning. The file header looks like below:

BCF^B^B^A<b6>^A^@##fileformat=VCFv4.2 A lot of meta-data in between followed by the usual vcf header CHROM POS etc followed by rest of the chromosome file.

Again, I get the same error: 'Wrong VCF header'

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The header is compressed so you need to use `bcftools view -h output.vcf'. Please edit the output into your original question.

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Do you mean in this command?

/bcftools +prune -m 0.15 -w 1000 input.vcf -Ob -o output.vcf

Can you please elaborate?

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No. We need to see what the header of your vcf file looks like before we can diagnose the error. So you need to run bcftools view -h output.vcf which prints out just the header of the file which doesn't work in /vcf2kinship. Then edit the header into your original question.

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Using bcftools view -h output.vcf, the header has IDs of the participants as: number_string

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Can you edit your question to include the entire output of bcftools view -h output.vcf.

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Thank you for your assistance. I have edited the original question

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Are you sure that's the whole header? It should look something like this:

##FILTER=<ID=PASS,Description="All filters passed">
##INFO=<ID=DP,Number=1,Type=Integer,Description="Total Depth">
##FORMAT=<ID=AD,Number=.,Type=Integer,Description="Allelic depths for the ref and alt alleles in the order listed">
##FORMAT=<ID=AB,Number=1,Type=Float,Description="Allelic imbalance">
##FORMAT=<ID=AI,Number=1,Type=Float,Description="Binomial probability of allelic imbalance if Hz site">
##FORMAT=<ID=DP,Number=1,Type=Integer,Description="Total Depth">
##FORMAT=<ID=GQ,Number=1,Type=Integer,Description="Genotype quality">
##FORMAT=<ID=PL,Number=G,Type=Integer,Description="Phred-scaled normalized genotype likelihoods">
##bcftools_viewCommand=view -h XN224_MaximumLikelihood.bgz.vcf.gz; Date=Tue Feb 23 18:13:25 2021
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Sorry, I misunderstood you. I am quite new to working in genomics. Using bcftools view -h output.vcf, the header of a an output file for e.g. for chr10 appears as below. I am working on single chromosome imputed data.


FILTER=<id=pass,description="all filters="" passed"="">


source="beagle.27Jan18.7e1.jar (version 4.1)"


FORMAT=<id=ds,number=a,type=float,description="estimated alt="" dose="" [p(ra)="" +="" p(aa)]"="">

FORMAT=<id=gp,number=g,type=float,description="estimated genotype="" probability"="">


Some more lines

INFO=<id=an,number=1,type=integer,description="total number="" of="" alleles="" in="" called="" genotypes"="">

INFO=<id=ac,number=a,type=integer,description="allele count="" in="" genotypes"="">

INFO=<id=ns,number=1,type=integer,description="number of="" samples="" with="" data"="">

INFO=<id=ac_hom,number=a,type=integer,description="allele counts="" in="" homozygous="" genotypes"="">

INFO=<id=ac_het,number=a,type=integer,description="allele counts="" in="" heterozygous="" genotypes"="">

INFO=<id=ac_hemi,number=a,type=integer,description="allele counts="" in="" hemizygous="" genotypes"="">

INFO=<id=af,number=a,type=float,description="allele frequency"="">

INFO=<id=maf,number=a,type=float,description="minor allele="" frequency"="">

INFO=<id=hwe,number=a,type=float,description="hwe test="" (pmid:15789306)"="">

INFO=<id=exchet,number=a,type=float,description="probability of="" excess="" heterozygosity"="">

bcftools_pluginCommand=plugin fill-tags -Ou; Date=Wed Jan 22 17:06:56 2020

INFO=<id=info,number=1,type=float,description="impute2 info="" score"="">

bcftools_pluginCommand=plugin impute-info -Oz -o Botnia_df2_R4_chr10.vcf.gz; Date=Wed Jan 22 17:06:56 2020


bcftools_viewCommand=view -S IDs.txt -o filtered-chr10.vcf /fs/projects/botnia_study/FinnGen_Botnia_data/imputed/Botnia_FinnGen_df2_R4/Botnia_imputed_df2_R4_chr10.vcf.gz; Date=Thu Feb 11 17:49:33 2021

bcftools_viewCommand=view -h pruned-chr10.vcf; Date=Wed Feb 24 13:06:06 2021


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Thank you for your time and suggestions. I used bcftools view (/bcftools view output.vcf > output_vcf.vcf) convert the binary format to vcf format and rvtest accepts this file.

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