How To Visualize Network Comparatively Via Cytoscape Or Other Tools
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8.6 years ago
maddy ▴ 20

Hi everyone, I've tried to compare & visualise two networks using network merge option in cytoscape. I've used difference & union option to find common & different in nodes between the network of same diseases at two different stages. my problem is im not able to visualize the sub-network comparatively, obtained after merging two parental network. Is thr any way that i can distinguish between both the networks?(note: For both the networks data is imported from STRING) My second question is do i've to consider network as directional for network analysis or it is undirected.?

Plz suggest me If thr is any other tool or plugin, which i can use for the above. Any inputs are welcome.

Thanks & Regards Maddy

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3.0 years ago

Try using CompNet tool (Publication link : The tool can be downloaded from :


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