How To Get Related Kinase Family Members, Given A Kinase?
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12.2 years ago
Rajarshi Guha ▴ 880

Hi, I'm familiar with the kinome tree from the Manning et al paper and I'd like to be able to make use of such a tree to identify kinases that are related to a kinase of interest. As far as I can tell, the raw data to build that visualization is not available. What I'd really like is a similarity matrix of kinase sequences, from which I could run my own clustering method.

Does anybody know of a tool (or raw data that can be used) to identify kinases that are related (for varying degrees of relatedness) to a kinase of interest?

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12.2 years ago is your best bet. All the supplementary material for the Manning paper is still available there, as are updated kinase sequence files (domain and full length) for several organisms.


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