Gene Regulatory Network Inference Using Gene Expression Data And Sirene
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10.5 years ago
Diana ▴ 910

Hi all!!!

Has anyone ever used the program called "Sirene", for gene regulatory network inference from expression data?

In the first instance I've tested it with the data that comes with their program. Everything seems to work great. The program runs and there are no errors. It displays all the steps along the way. The result files it produces are graphs and a gene regulatory network file (containing interaction information between genes) which can be loaded into Cytoscape for viewing. Everything else in the results (the plots and graphs) are there but the Cytoscape file is empty. I don't understand why. I'm using MATLAB for the first time as well but I don't think I'm making any mistake in running it because I'm only using their provided code to run the program. I have also emailed the authors quite a while ago but haven't heard back.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

Thanks a lot!!

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