Merge STAR files together
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5 months ago
minifoog ▴ 10

Say I have multiple files like this:

An example of what the .out file looks like:

                             Started job on |   Apr 23 23:17:02
                         Started mapping on |   Apr 23 23:17:04
                                Finished on |   Apr 23 23:26:52
   Mapping speed, Million of reads per hour |   115.68

                      Number of input reads |   18894432
                  Average input read length |   298
                                UNIQUE READS:
               Uniquely mapped reads number |   17704240
                    Uniquely mapped reads % |   93.70%
                      Average mapped length |   297.39
                   Number of splices: Total |   3119841
        Number of splices: Annotated (sjdb) |   2663436
                   Number of splices: GT/AG |   3080422
                   Number of splices: GC/AG |   14219
                   Number of splices: AT/AC |   248
           Number of splices: Non-canonical |   24952
                  Mismatch rate per base, % |   0.49%
                     Deletion rate per base |   0.02%
                    Deletion average length |   2.70
                    Insertion rate per base |   0.02%
                   Insertion average length |   2.30
                         MULTI-MAPPING READS:
    Number of reads mapped to multiple loci |   806405
         % of reads mapped to multiple loci |   4.27%
    Number of reads mapped to too many loci |   1146
         % of reads mapped to too many loci |   0.01%

I want to make a .csv file where I only take: Number of input reads, Uniquely mapped reads number, and Uniquely mapped reads %. Is there a tool that can do this? Any help would be appreciated.

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5 months ago

MultiQC understands STAR logs (see extension notes here). After running MultiQC, there's a json object which you can parse of the accumulated reports if that's more in line with what you have in mind.

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Thanks for the comment!

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5 months ago
Malcolm.Cook ★ 1.3k

STAR comes with a script that merges files from multiple runs into one table


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