Job:PhD position: Computational Epigenetics in cancer cell reprogramming
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3 months ago

The project

The project – funded by the Italian Association for cancer research, AIRC foundation- is centered on determining the contribution of epigenetic reprogramming in promoting tumor progression and metastasis formation. The objective of this proposal is to define the contribution of oncogenic enhancers to tumor heterogeneity during breast cancer progression and metastasis formation. By using cutting edge technologies and computational approaches, the herein program aims to solve enhancer-centered chromatin domains to gain insights on epigenetic heterogeneity and its impact on cancer cell plasticity during tumor progression.

The candidate

We are seeking highly motivated and enthusiastic candidates, willing to challenge an innovative project by adopting a pro-active attitude and an analytical approach. The candidate is requested to have experience and/knowledge on bioinformatics methodologies and biostatistics to integrate diverse biological data retrieved from NGS- and imaging-based datasets. The candidate should have a strong interest in interdisciplinary collaboration. The PhD will have the opportunity to work in close proximity with experimental researchers, having the possibility gaining a unique skill set required for future quantitative biology studies. The successful candidate will be involved in an interdisciplinary project with research being conducted at the crossroad between computational science, biophysics and molecular biology.


• A high level of motivation and interest. • Master in Bioinformatics, Computer science, Biophysics, Bioengineering, Biology or in related fields • Prior research experience in either Bioinformatics, quantitative advanced imaging and/or NGS data analysis will be recommended • Proficiency in scripting environments for statistics and data analysis, and/or able to quickly acquire Bioinformatics computational skills • Excellent communication skills and good team spirit with the ability to solve problems independently • Knowledge in chromatin biology or molecular biology will be considered a relevant plus.

The environment

The lab of Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics is interested in determining the contribution of epigenetic changes to stem cell function, both in physiological and pathological settings. In particular, we are investigating the contribution of epigenetic changes to the maintenance of cell identity and tissue homeostasis. Within the international and vibrant context of the Department of Cellular, Computational and Integrative Biology (CIBIO) in Trento, Italy. PhD students joining the lab gain access to the Institute’s advanced research training as part of the PhD program in Biomolecular Sciences ( CIBIO offers the possibility to work in a young, highly dynamic and stimulating research environment thanks to a streamlined organization, which can support researchers to readily adapt to new scientific challenges through cutting-edge research infrastructures. At CIBIO, research goals are pursued in the frame of an integrative view of basic biological processes and of their derangement in disease, whereby basic science co-exists with biomedical oriented translational approaches. Qualified and interested candidates should submit their application including CV, a motivation letter describing how her/his background would best fit this position, and the contact information of at least two referees. Please send all documents to Dr. Alessio Zippo ( This position is available starting from November 2021.

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