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I'm performing population analysis with LEA R package and it's been working with most datasets. However, with one data set, when I'm trying to convert a matrix to .geno format I get the following error. I've checked and I don't have any zero rows or columns in data. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue? Thanks

struct2geno(file = "home/mat_2.txt", TESS = TRUE, diploid = TRUE, FORMAT = 1, extra.row = 0, extra.col = 0, output = "mat2.geno")
Input file in the TESS format. The genotypic matrix has 300 individuals and 145.5 markers. 
The number of extra rows is 0 and the number of extra columns is 0 .
The input file contains no missing genotypes 
**Error in dat.2[2 * ii - 1, ] <- dat[ii, seq(1, L, by = 2)] : 
  number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length**
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