How to use RINalyzer plugin in cytoscape
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3.0 years ago

Hi everyone!!

I was exploring this new plugin of Cytoscape known as RINalyzer and I was wondering what kind of data it takes.

Initially, what I did was imported a PPI network from CREB1 protein from the STRING database. I then ran RINalyzer on the network and it threw some results at me.

enter image description here

This gave me some results.

enter image description here

I see on the website of RINalyzer that RINalyzer takes Amino Acid residue interactions as an input but I am not sure what I did was wrong either? Do RINalyzer centralities make any sense in this case?

Is it like RINalyzer automatically computes amino acid residue interactions for all the proteins whose structures are present in the network?

I know bioinformatics tools are like whatever you give input you might get output but it isn't necessary that whatever you get is an interesting result!!

Also, is it necessary for the interactions to have a protein structure for RINalyzer to run. I am confused about the utility of this tool in the first place because we were asked to run it on a PPI network obtained from STRING!!

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If you don't get an answer here, you might try contacting the app authors. They are listed on the RINalyzer app page along with an email contact:


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