No significant gene sets in gene set enrichment analysis using the R package iDEA
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14 months ago
Stevens • 0

Hi, I've performed DE analysis within seurat on a specific cluster across two conditions and used the DE summary table within the R package iDEA to try and identify certain pathways that are significant.

However, the results from iDEA didn't give any pathways that were significant, and I'm not sure if its a real lack of results or due to problems with my DE data. Specifically alot of the DE genes had p values that were very low (beyond that which R can hold) so that they gave values of 0 making the beta_variance used in the data also 0. I'm not sure if that causes problems within iDEA or not

Does anyone know if the p values being 0 actually causes problems and if so how I can fix the data?

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