Statistic Method Question: How to display correlation from pheatmap with other data
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9 weeks ago
Qamarul • 0

Thank you for reading. Need help in probably some basic statistic or analysing technique.

Briefly, I have 3 genes (e.g. A1, A2, C) expression data from various tissues at different time. A1 and A2 are same family gene with one localised in cytosol and another in mitochondria.

I also have specific metabolites ratio value from various tissues.

By using basic pheatmap, Gene A2 & C are clustered together in most tissues while A1 and A2 in some tissues.

When A2 & C clustered together (based on pheatmap observation), the tissue metabolites ratio are low but when A1 and A2 clustered together the tissue metabolites ratio are high.

Eyeball observation looks like there is a correlation here.

My question is, how can i better show these correlation or is correlation is the correct word? I was thinking to take the distance matrix of the pheatmap and plot it together with the ratio value. But does it make sense?

Please do ask me for any missing information/data if you would like know more.

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9 weeks ago

Maybe try the generating the correlation of A1-A2 and A2-C expression above and below a series of tissue metabolite ratio cutoffs, and if this trend is real, there should be a kind of dome shaped pattern of A1-A2 correlation above the cutoff with increasing cutoff values and a similar pattern of A2-C correlation for points below the cutoff with increasing cutoff values.

This may not be a great way to display your data, but could probably check whether it's "real"


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