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6 days ago

Dear all, just starting out here trying to grasp whether Metascape or STRING will help me with my research question and would really appreciate any advice : I want to see if the genes I am interested in = mygenelist have an important effect on/influence the differentially expressed genes (functionally/in any way) in a long gene list from a patient dataset which I have access to= datasetlist.

I want to know if mygenelist is a pathway of importance in the datasetlist and I am having alot of trouble deciding if I should use Metascape or STRING and have emailed helpdesk who say to ask a colleague but I don't have a bioinformatician available in our team/group/centre.

I tried STRING but think I need R to analyse further and don't know how to use R. I have a vague idea but not sure if I am doing things correctly. I have not got the grant/research time to learn R at present. please advise - is metascape preferable

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