Cut-off value from qvalue package R for Manhattan plot
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12 weeks ago
b.g.tamang ▴ 20

Hi all, I am trying to plot manhattan plot from my GWAS object from rrBLUP. rrBLUP does display Manhattan plots with significant threshold line using qvalue package from Bioconductor. I am instead trying to make my own custom Manhattan plot (using qqman R package) since it is a lot customizable with significant threshold line. For that I am using the same qvalue package as follows:

qobj<- qvalue (p, fdr.level = 0.05)

The qobj has following components:

names (qobj)

[1] "call" "pi0" "qvalues" "pvalues" "lfdr" "fdr.level"
[7] "significant" "pi0.lambda" "lambda" "pi0.smooth"

I can use "significant" component for downstream analysis. But how can I get that single significant threshold value to plot in my custom Manhattan plot?

Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you,

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