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10 months ago
Rishabh • 0

I had already obtained a group of significant proteins after performing analysis on data obtained from LC-MS.

I would like to perform network analysis on selected proteins using WGCNA package in R.

Network analysis using WGCNA:-

  1. Removed outlier samples and Genes.
  2. Identified softpower (Beta) for singed network.
  3. Identified modules using one step network construction using blockwisemodules()
  4. Removed grey module which includes genes not assigned to any modules.

Now, the challenge for me is to identify significant modules and further creating network in cytoscape.

As of now I would like to identify which module is significant.

Conditions for my dataset:

Condition A with 10 replicates and Condition B with 10 replicates.

And for each sample I had age and sex as trait data.

Please if anyone could help me with this.

Thanks in advance.

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