Batch conversion of InterPro IDs to GO IDS for TopGO analysis
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19 months ago
drowl1 ▴ 30

Hi all,

I have a list of about two thousand InterPro IDs that I would like to convert to their corresponding GO IDs for subsequent enrichment analyses in TopGO.

I initially used the Interpro2go batch text file to convert most of the InterPro IDs from my annotation( working with a non-model species) to GO IDs but the remaining couple of thousand InterPro IDs are missing in the Interpro2go batch file, even though their GO annotations are available when I manually check a few of the IDs in the InterPro webpage.

I would like to convert all of InterPro IDs to GO IDs in an automated way if possible then do an enrichment analysis in TopGO.

Kindly help with suggestions on how to work around this.


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