Poly A vs total RNA - Which is better for extracting noncoding RNA information
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10 weeks ago
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Hi everyone,

In scRNAseq ,I want to extract lncRNA,miRNA etc

Extracted molecule -polyA RNA or total RNA

Since polyA RNA will not give much information about noncoding counterpart,will it be fruitful to go on with analysis or take a similar study on same tissue and merge them both to get information.


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I know the difference between polyA and total RNa with respect to rRNa present or not.But the problem here is not with respect to the biology but analysis of noncoding RNA when using publicly availablet datasets with polyA RNA .

Different papers tell how not all noncoding Rna can be extracted from polyA RNA when compared to totalRNA.But people are still publishing where they analyze datasets which have PolyA RNA and showing noncoding RNA.I just wanted to have an opnion regarding this.I hope the question is clear now.I will reframe it too.


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