How to manipulate media in COBRA
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20 months ago
Aini • 0

I made a metabolic model and now I have to simulate the growth by using defined media from literature. I am using following command from COBRA medium = model.medium medium["EX_o2_e"] = 0.0 model.medium = medium model.medium

I give the value of each component according to the literature. There are two problems I am facing.

There is MgCl2 and CaCL2 media components. I have calculated the ionic concentrations of Mg , Cl2, Ca and Cl2 separately. problem is now I have two Cl concentrations. Can anyone help me in managing that? The next problem is ammonium citrate. The BiGG data base has ammonia or ammonium and citrate separately but it is difficult to convert to ionic concentrations as I done it in MgCl2 case. how to solve this problem. Kindly anyone help me. Thank you

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