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10 months ago
aroso491 • 0


I am trying to call SNPs in samples from bisulphite methylation data with BS-SNPer as the latest available version for BisSNP is lacking some of the tools that I needed to do so and earlier versions, aside from requiring Java 6, are not working for me (I keep getting errors when I try to install and or use them).

The issue is that I am very inexperienced with BisSNP and even more so with BS-SNP so I was trying to download the bam file for evaluation that is meant to be available at - according to the README

I cannot download this and I was wondering if anyone knew why is this happening - I have Chrome 81 and the FTP flag enabled, but the connection simply times out when I try to open the URL.

If that was unavailable, do you know if there is any kind of tutorial that explains BS-SNPer a bit more in detail?

Thank you all

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