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2.4 years ago
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Dear all,

registration is now open for the Physalia course "Genome Assembly using Oxford Nanopore Sequencing"

Dates: 11th-14th April 2022

Course website:

This course will introduce participants to a range of methods to complete the steps required to process raw Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing data into a fully assembled, polished and quality-controlled genome assembly, both with and without accompanying short reads, and with and without a reference genome. Over four days, we will include a combination of both theoretical background and practical application using model viral and bacterial datasets, concluding with a full run-through of the assembly, polishing and quality control pipeline at each course participants’ own pace.

This course is intended for researchers interested in learning the background and practical techniques involved in genome assembly using Oxford Nanopore Technologies data. Both beginners and more advanced users are welcome. Some background in navigating the command line would be useful, but we will cover the needed essentials throughout the hands-on sessions.

Here is the full list of our courses and Workshops:

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