Find the genomic locations of exons of certain human gene
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4 months ago

So I know Consensus CDS (CCDS) has the genomic locations of exons, however, only of the exons in the CDS. Everything before or after is not included.

NIH variation viewer has those (kinda-) radio buttons next to the gene name, and when you hover over them, you do get to see the genomic locations of the exons. But this method isn't very scalable.

Does anyone know an easy, scalable way of retrieving the genomic locations of exon for a certain gene?

Example: The first exon of gene _GAA_ goes from 80101581 to 8010189 (which is completely missing in CCDS), and the second exon starts at 80104555 (and in CCDS it starts at 8010587, since it starts coding there)

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