News:ISO usability testers for NCBI comparative genome viewer
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2.5 years ago

Hello colleagues,

NCBI is developing a new visualization tool for comparative genome analysis.

We're looking for researchers working in comparative genomics who are willing to provide feedback on our work in progress.

If you'd like to help, you can respond to this thread with how NCBI could best contact you, or you can write to the NCBI Help Desk ( Please be sure to mention that you're interested in testing the 'comparative genome viewer'.

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It may help if you list features and (unique) capabilities of this comparative genome viewer. Given the availability of other tools with similar functionality, providing details may attract more testers than a generic description.

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We just started development recently, and this will be a multi-year effort, so we can't commit now to the types of views we'll end up providing.

Currently, we are developing an ideogram-style viewer that will display eukaryotic assembly-assembly alignments we have generated at NCBI (RefSeq, and eventually also non-RefSeq). We'll also be building a view to show assembly-assembly comparisons at or near the sequence level which will also show gene or other annotation, so that researchers can view gene synteny.

Eventually, if NCBI users think we should have one on our site, we may provide graph viewers for pangenomes, and other types of views based on community interest. We'd be happy to work with researchers on our initial ideogram, or longer term as we plan out other views.


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