Obtain read counts from Qiagen GeneGlobe
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10 months ago
Abhishek • 0

Hi all,

I used Qigen Gene Globe RNA seq portal to obtain read counts from the fastq files I had.

The "Align and Count" step has been completed and it correctly lists the number of samples and sample names. But I'm unable to find an option to download the excel sheet containing read counts / UMI counts of the transcripts for all the samples.

I had previously obtained such a file from the one who had done the experiments. (It was an excel file with multiple sheets and one sheet of interest - 'miR_piRNA' containing read counts and UMI counts for all the transcripts in all the samples). Its my first time trying to use GeneGlobe myself. Has the user interface for GeneGlobe RNA seq portal changed recently ? This link still mentions the excel sheet : https://www.qiagen.com/au/resources/download.aspx?id=bea2dcfa-0a5c-47c5-afd8-8b0fe90a471a&lang=en

Can someone please share a screenshot / steps on how to download read count data from Geneglobe ?

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9 months ago
Abhishek • 0

Answering my own post for benefit of others. The default option in Qiagen GeneGlobe --> Analyse Data --> Start Your Analysis gives the result I mentioned above.

To get the excel sheet I wanted with all transcripts for all samples, before clicking "Start Your Analysis", change the option under "Select analysis pipeline" from the default "RNA-seq Analysis Portal" to "Legacy Analysis Pipelines"


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