How can I validate the results by the software package, I have recently developed using python for genomic data?
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2.0 years ago
saqlain ▴ 90

I have developed a software package for the analysis of genomic data, in which, I have implemented a variety of functions like normalization, clustering etc (from already available tools i.e., clubbed them together) in one software package with a different working framework. I am now trying to validate the result produced, after analysis of some dataset, using my developed/proposed software tool. What is the best way to validate/verify these results? and If I am replicating the results of an online tutorial, does that qualify to be called a valid verification?

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24 months ago
Jeremy ▴ 880

You can check out the tiny-test-data data set from roryk on GitHub. He has some RNAseq data that might be useful for your validation.


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