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5 weeks ago

Hello everyone!

I would like to kindly ask for some help from the awesome Biostars community in regard with using CNEFinder ( This tool can perform CNE searches on whole chromosomes/scaffolds. Because I would want to use an assembly with 675 scaffolds and would want to iterate over all of them it would be easier if I were to combine said scaffolds into one giant scaffold. While doing this I would need to maintain the exonic coordinates as those are not masked when performing the search. The exonic coordinates should be given to CNEFinder in the following format:

seqnames start end width strand
CAJNDQ010000011.1 30197297 30197305 9 +
CAJNDQ010000011.1 30198128 30198367 240 +

If you have any suggestions around this could you please share it? Thank you in advance.

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